Cool collab with @logomotivations ;)

Project type:

✓  3D modelling,
✓  Paper craft,
✓  Photography,
✓  Stop motion animation

Materials used:

Fabriano Tiziano paper
White watercolor paper
Gold acrylic paint

Work process included:

Creating 3D models in Blender to build hand crafted objects from paper (cutting, folding, gluing). Painting logo with gold acrylic paint. Photo shoot setup, photos retouching, creating animation from frames.
Project idea:

Creating fun stop motion animation to represent achieving 50k followers

3d paper craft stop motion animation
Some photos from the 'Behind the scenes': 3d paper craft stop motion animation behind the scenes 3d paper letters with embossing 3d paper gold paint with paper cut texture overlay 3d number covered with goldpaint paper cut texture overlay paper cut ribbon painted with gold paint 3d letter prototyping.jpg
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